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SEO texts
language English 1200-1400 signs
Order 100
SEO texts
language English 1200-1400 signs
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SEO texts
language English 1200-1400 signs
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SEO texts
language English 1200-1400 signs
Use one offer to get all the texts
With us you will gain time and convenience by ordering a number of different texts in one point, regardless of whether you need 50 or 2000 texts. Find out why.
Order the text you need, in six languages
Now we write texts in Polish, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. With us will conduct effective action for customers abroad, and for customers planning international expansion.
Your projects on time plus the maximum effects
The key to complete your projects on time and quality measures. But it is not easy when you have to rely on many uncertain subcontractors. The Interactive Text gain assurance that commissioned texts you receive on time. In addition, we guarantee you the correct written language texts and their originality at 90%.
SEO copywriting
Looking for your SEO writing lyrics? See why you should book with us.
Going to the customer you dress elegantly, thus the text on the Internet. Let us put into words your offer, and certainly will succeed.
Web Translation
Do you want to start working in other countries and be properly understood? Professional translations of pages in 6 languages.

Wouldn’t you put on the best suit, if you needed to impress your customer? The same applies to sales online. If you develop websites (or e-shops) for your customers from scratch, you will need good-quality texts for ‘about us’ section, describing company activities, and its products. Customer will take a look at a website probably for 20-30 seconds. Not very much. We will


Web translations

Are you planning to make business abroad or yuou need a new language version of website dedicated to customers from a new market? Place an order with Text Interactive. We make translations between the following languages:


  • Polish
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish



Package 50

The package 50 includes:

  • 50 positioning of text
  • Any text from 1200 to 1400 characters
  • any text in English
  • For everything you will pay only 200 zł
Package 100

The package 100 includes:

  • 100 positioning of text
  • Any text from 1200 to 1400 characters
  • any text in English
  • For everything you will pay only 400 zł



Package 150

The package 150 includes:

  • 150 positioning of text
  • Any text from 1200 to 1400 characters
  • any text in English
  • For everything you will pay only 600 zł



Package 200

The package 200 includes:

  • 200 positioning of text
  • Any text from 1200 to 1400 characters
  • any text in English
  • For everything you will pay only 800 zł



For those who want even faster, with us having a standardized texts 1200-1400 positioning of characters, we offer the following types of packages:

  • Package 50 - cost 200 zł
  • Package 100 - cost 400 zł
  • Package 150 - cost 600 zł
  • Package 200 - cost 800 zł

Just click on the appropriate package and make a purchase.

Further information can also be obtained by mail orders@text-interactive.com


About us

Text Interactive is our passionately designed venture dedicated to digital and online marketing agencies, SEO companies, as well as other enterprises that do need professional high-end content for their corporate websites. Web content optimization has no secrets to us.

Our strength is a complex and flexible offer. We prepare for you:

  • high-quality articles of a chosen topic,
  • texts for corporate websites,
  • presell texts,
  • product descriptions,
  • synonymic texts,
  • translations of articles and website content.

We ensure you:

  • the content ordered in Text Interactive makes your websites ready to enter new market on any continent, we write and translate in the following languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Polish,
  • your costs of getting valuable web content are reduced, instead of co-operation with many contractors, you will be able to order all texts needed, at one place,
  • high-quality texts, that are favorably evaluated by Google search engine after updates of Google Panda, our texts considerable support building up your web page ranks, and improve conversion rate,
  • editorial supervision and anti-plagiarism check-up, whatever we do, quality and originality of our texts we give you is paramount,
  • profound understanding of your business, our texts will be finely adapted to language specificity, jargon, but also ethical and legal standards of your line of business,
  • easy order management, by sending us .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files with order details, we take out from you the burden of time-consuming control of how your orders are executed, no matter if they consist of 1000, 2000, or more texts.


How do we work?

1 step: We initially recognize your needs. We have to know the key information about your order: a number of texts, language, how many marks per text, topic and deadline.

2 step: We post the task to a person from our team. We guide ourselves by her/his experience and language talents.

3 step: We precise your needs. If necessary, we may ask you about:

- to whom your texts are directed (web browser, web users or potential customers),

- whether we have to prepare specific topics and titles of texts on our own, or you provide chem,

- how many keywords should be used per each text,

- whether you need report from our work (that will contain information about titles of all texts, and what keywords were used in these texts).

4 step: We make valuation and fulfil your order. We first estimate the price considering its details (numer of texts, topic, deadline), create an order number and make texts done,

5 step: We send you ready texts. We will send them as a compressed file (.zip or .rar) with order numer, language information and topic on the e-mail address indicated in your order, we also attach a report to prove originality (from SkyLine Plagiarism Detector or other, depending on language),

6 step: Payment. You will receive from us an invoice for our serivce, payment should be done within 7 days (check how to get more time to pay),

7 step: We provide post-sales service. It includes grammar, synthax, and language corrections. It is done free of charge and you can ask for it within 30 days from the date we have completed the order.

For web positioners

Have you got a clue on your return on investment from web positioning?

Do you know how much you would gain, if you:

  • got all SEO texts and synonimic texts always perfectly on time?
  • got texts of high originality (90 percent at minimum) and linguistically correct?
  • ordered all texts in many languages and about many topics in one place?
  • got full information about work progress and how the whole task was done (e. g. how and where keywords were used)?

It is the fact that SEO optimisation becomes more and more popular. The greater number of customers is conscious of its benefts and interested in this promotional activity, the more strict are regulations of Google. To deliver good level of service does not only mean to choose a good method of SEO optimisation. Your business will gain half the battle, if you get texts that are original, show a perfect command of English and have got reasonable numer of keywords.


Text Interactive team works from 8am to 8pm (local time) from Monday to Friday.

Your Account Manager is: Paweł Bronowicz

Phone number: (+48) 724-90-18-18

E-mail address: orders@text-interactive.com

Office address:

Nowy Świat Street 41a

00-042 Warsaw (Poland)


Text Interactive is a brand that is property of:

MSP Strategies proprietary company (formerly: Edu Talent)

Postal address:

Nowy Świat Street 41a

00-042 Warsaw (Poland)

Tax number: 7181914635

Statistical Office number : 142982094



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Here you can place your order with ease. We will contact you as swift as possible (not longer than 6 hours).


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